Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tool Kits back in stock!

Our leather bracelet tool kit is BACK in stock! Our kit has everything you need to get started riveting and adding your art to leather. Use the hammer from your home tools to complete your total needs. Rivets can be purchased separately in assorted packs of black oxide, antique brass and nickel silver! 

Tool Kit includes:
Steel bench block
Rivets assortment
Small Riveting hammer
Leather hole punch
Scrap Leather for practice
Additional tools (not included): 
Large hammer 
Metal hole punch

HOW-TO Attach tags to leather:

1) Place pre-punched tag on cuff & mark rivet area. 
NOTE: If your tag has no rivet holes, use a metal hole punch of at least 2-3mm’s, to add holes to your metal. The "Euro tool" metal punch works well! 

2) Use the middle sized tube in your hole punch set to pound your leather holes. Use a wood or rubber block under your tools to prevent breaking your tubes.

3) Place the rivet "eyelet" (the long portion) through both holes. 
Add the cap to the rivet eyelet. 

4) Place your item on the bench block making sure your rivet is centered on the steel. 

5) Place your riveting hammer over the head of the rivet, then hit the end of your small hammer with a large hammer. 

~ One hard hit is better than several light taps.
~ Use a poundo or cutting board under your steel block to reduce noise and bounce.
~ Use a rubber or wood mat  

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