Sunday, January 29, 2012

Totally Trashed Fashion And TaFurious™ together again!

Totally Trashed Fashion And TaFurious™  together again!

This past December I had the wonderful opportunity to design a custom piece for a top secret surprise gift. The un-witting recipient happened to be none other than Rachel Mace, of Totally Trashed fashion. Rachel and I worked together on Runway Renegades last August, so I was happy to design something specifically for this spunky vixen.

I'd been saving the last chunk of a beloved pair of rescued chaps- so I had a great time designing with the right hip of this very distressed up-cycled leather. As the piece came together, I got more and more excited. "The Right Hip", leather skarf had the makings of an oooh-la-la piece. Every thing worked correctly, from the corset type tie back, to the dripping front chain.

Rachel was so thrilled when she opened her gift, that she took it to a Tinsel Tokyo magazine shoot- and will be using it in her Sugar Does Portland fashion show, Feb 10th. And as a bonus, she's taking several other TaFurious pieces too (A few more gems being designed just for her creations)! I'd go... but santa brought ME two tickets to Maui. While she's cat-walking it up, I will be tanned, relaxed, sipping a cocktail and probably dreaming up new island inspired jewelry.

If James Dean has a female counterpart, it's Rachel Mace in this necklace. Photo Courtesy of Conner Allen Photography
"The Right Hip", by TaFurious

You asked, we heard. New Leather Strap!

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Our hand-dyed leather is always finished with a light waxy sheen for water resistance, but some customers love to add more oil, to soften them further. We dye this leather in house, so an order may take a bit longer, but it's worth the wait.  
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