Monday, July 16, 2012

Spokane Ca$h Mob

Ca$h Mobbing to Success!

My jewelry brand, TaFurious, is a featured staple at Glamarita Clothing & Accessories. Glamarita is a unique boutique selling only locally made goods, ran by designer and local fashion icon, Ronnie Ryno. Ronnie has always been an encouraging and sincere friend to me and many others in the fashion community. With her encouragement and constant creative support, my brand has become one of the most recognizable jewelry brands in our community. When I learned that the economy was crushing my favorite local shop, I couldn’t sit by and watch it close in silence. Inspired by a story on Inside Edition, I conspired with others in the fashion community to create an event like no other, in order to save the shop of our beloved icon. 

Photos by Kelly Kerns
Clothing by Glamarita
Ca$h Mobbing is a nation wide social shopping movement- that inspires loyal customers to come “mob” a local business facing the threat of closure. The idea is simple- motivate a mob to come spend $25 bucks each, at the same time. Our Glamarita Cash Mob became a huge event for our fashion community- designers donated items for auctions, our favorite local DJ used a mic and her vocal might to encourage passer by’s to jump into the fun, gorgeous models lined the streets and even turned the crosswalk into a runway. The Drinkery, a favorite watering hole, provided the party! In just 3 hours, Glamarita saw over 200 customers, and made nearly $8000 in sales. This is the second most successful Mob on record in the nation! We were so stunned by the success that myself and a few others have decided to launch a new Spokane Cash Mob for another struggling business this August. Stay tuned for more details!                         ~Mary Tafuri